ICW Training Program

As business arrangements become more complex, achieving optimum sustainable performance requires flexibility, adaptability, and increased collaboration.

Achieving an optimum and sustainable level of performance in complex business relationships, requires flexibility, adaptability, and increased collaboration.

Unfortunately, and due to performance shortfalls, the majority of complex public–private and public-public business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. The single leading cause of failure is that complex, long-term agreements are structured and managed as static transactions or deals, and therefore do not adapt well to change and evolution.

A Different Approach

By positioning the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of delivery, business arrangements relating to oversight and performance management, are structured around a collaborative model that both adapts to and drives change that achieves improved outcomes with lower risk.

This training program will provide attendees with a systematic approach and model for managing complex relationships. As they progress through the program, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to plan, source, establish and manage relationships effectively, so that they will deliver exceptional performance.  The training program will provide you with the tools to shift the organizational mindset to create a culture of collaboration and trust.

Who Should Attend?

Public and private sector executives, relationship managers, procurement managers, outsourcing advisers, and managers involved in the planning, sourcing, negotiations or management of complex business arrangements should take this training program.

Course Methodology

The courses employ an advanced method of learning through a combination of lectures and integrated team workshops. The workshops feature real life, current complex business arrangements in the public and private sector referencing actual casework and related models.

SW 1An introduction to Relationship Management, ISO 44001 and how to establish and manage highly collaborative relationships within the public sector and strategic partners.Leadership Team1/2 DayDetailsRegister
SW 2An overview of ISO 44001, the relationship-based model of contracting and how to implement it in existing and new strategic partner relationships.Executive1 DayDetailsRegister
SW 3An enhanced understanding of collaborative relationships and the potential risk to success that comes from ignoring the impacts of behaviors.Senior Managers 2 DayDetailsRegister
SW 4A deep understanding of how to effectively operationalize ISO 44001 and the Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Model in the public and private sector.Senior Managers (Certification)3 DayDetailsRegister
SW 5To develop internal champions / facilitators to lead and support implementation programs, who have the knowledge and skills so that organisations gain real value from the adoption of the Standard.Leadership Team4 DayDetailsRegister