ISO 44001 Collaborative Leaders Course

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The Collaborative Leaders Accreditation is to provide suitably-qualified candidates with knowledge and skills of ISO 44001, such that its implementation brings value to their organizations.



The ISO 44001 is the International Standard that provides a strategic collaborative framework for organisations, based on ICW’s CRAFT methodology, to build and manage collaborative relationships, so that the relationships are effective, optimized and sustainable to deliver benefits for all stakeholders.

As ISO 44001 has become increasingly recognized and adopted, ICW identified a significant need for organisations to
develop internal champions / facilitators to lead and support implementation programs, who have the knowledge and skills so that organisations gain real value from the adoption of the Standard.

Who should attend?

Those who have been asked to lead, manage or execute implementation of ISO 44001.

Aims of the Course

Delegates will:

  • Understand why relationships are important in delivering business strategy
  • Understand the value of a pan-industry framework to enhance engagement and provide a benchmark for collaborative capability
  • Identify the business objectives and constraints for effective engagement along with risk management
  • Identify the importance of assessing an organisation’s internal capability as a prerequisite to external engagement
  • Identify the strategies and process for selecting partners
  • Be aware of effective policies for developing the right working model for organisations and engaging a partner into a relationship
  • Understand the importance of continuous improvement, innovation and value creation to develop the relationship to its fullest extent
  • Appreciate the importance of effective measurement and monitoring of performance and the relationship
  • Understand the critical need to define the exit strategy for managed disengagement.

Overview of the Course

The course is an intensive and interactive four day residential programme developed by ICWs Knowledge Architect and is structured to both facilitate knowledge transfer based on ICWs CRAFT methodology and extensive experience with ISO 44001 implementations and successful customer certifications.

  • Day 1/2 – Introduction to the changing market place and the role of collaborative working, leading to the development of ISO 44001. An in-depth and interactive Masterclass providing insight to the eight stage life-cycle model of the Standard
  • Day 3 – A written examination takes place in the morning, to test candidate’s level of knowledge. On completion, candidates are given one of the standards eight stages on which to prepare a presentation. The afternoon is set aside for preparation of the stage presentation and case study presentations
  • Day 4 – Each candidate presents his/her assigned stage and a related case study presentation to the peer group and ISO 44001 experts. The course ends with reflection, feedback and next steps for the candidates

Benefits to Your Business

Following the course Delegates will have;

  • Reinforced their understanding of ISO 44001 and how it helps to embed collaborative working.
  • Been provided with tools and techniques as implementation champions to facilitate effective collaborative programs.
  • Their knowledge and skills independently validated.
  • Increased confidence to harness the power of collaborative working and maximize performance for their business.
  • A platform on which to prepare their organisation for continual improvement and certification

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