Monty Mukerji

Mr. Mukerji is a senior executive with 30 years of experience in the Federal Government and private sector. Significant part of his career is in the area of procurement with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) where he held the position of Senior Director in the Acquisitions Branch.

Principal responsibilities include managing several teams of procurement professionals, providing an end to end acquisition service, to the client departments in order to meet their program delivery goals. As such, the accountability framework was multi-departmental, with the central agencies (primarily TBS) playing an important role.

During his Federal Government career he was principally focused on enabling Major Crown Projects (MCP’s), related to defence and information technology systems. These were long term, high dollar value projects, with total value measured in the $billions. Monty strives to promote a collaborative approach to structuring and managing complex relationships, particularly inter-departmental team building, alignment and a collegial decision-making process.

Since Joining the SRS team, Monty has worked with leading public and private organizations to help them establish and operationalize collaborative relationships.

Monty is a certified Project Management Professional, Relational Contracting Management Instructor and holds an MBA from St. Mary’s University in Halifax