Andy Akrouche

“It is time for all stakeholders to break away from the adversarial business models of the past and to begin working together within relational management frameworks that facilitate mutuality, joint decision making, transparency and continuous alignment.

It is also time for the policy and procurement regimes to recognize and enable the ‘Relationship’ as the pivotal point through which service delivery and contract performance are conducted, measured and evolved.”   – Andy Akrouche

Andy Akrouche is the Managing Director of ICW Canada and the founding partner of Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS), a knowledge-based relationship management firm.  While serving as Vice President of Outsourcing Management Services at Digital Equipment Corporation, and citing the failures of many complex business arrangements, Andy founded SRS and the Canadian Chapter of ICW to revolutionize the framework within which strategic business relationships are sourced, structured and managed.

Andy Akrouche is acknowledged as the industry leader in developing and managing adaptive, dynamic Public-Private and Public-Public relationships. Andy and his team help organizations develop and implement high performing relationships by moving business arrangements from fundamentally static transactions or deals to adaptive relationships based on flexibility, agility, and ongoing stakeholder collaboration. The Relationship-based Model has proven its effectiveness in many high-profile business arrangements in several sectors including the Transportation, Health and Defense industries.   Andy’s passion is for helping clients:

  • Build awareness and internal capacity to create a highly collaborative organizational culture and high performance management teams;
  • Plan, source, establish and manage adaptive strategic partnerships that deliver exceptional performance and sustainable value;
  • Revitalize their existing business relationships and substantially improve the performance of their MOUs, agreements, and contracts;
  • Enable the alignment of policy, approval processes, and program and procurement management regimes to support sustainable long term relationships;
  • Employ strategic procurement and relationships management as a catalyst for creating strategic supply chain and sustained economic benefits.

Andy delivers executive seminars and training programs on Relationships Management, Relational Contracting Management, Outsourcing, ASD, Commissioning and PPP Management. He is the author of the book, Relationships First: The New Relationship Paradigm in Contracting.  Andy is also the Managing Partner of Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. and a member of the Canadian ISO IT Management and Governance Committee as well as a member of the Canadian ISO Committee on Innovation Management.

You can also follow Andy on his blog: Relational Contracting Intelligence blog.

Andy holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.