Legends Hockey Fantasy Pool Rulez

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1)      Each participant selects two sets of six NHL players, identifying which players are starters and which are back-ups. This selection process will be completed independently by each participant, and it is highly likely that some NHL players will be picked by several participants.

2)      Both sets of six players must have one goalie, one centre, two wingers (forwards who are not centres), and two defensemen.

3)      You may not select any of the Dirty Dozen players (see below).

4)      You will get 1 point for each goal or assist earned by your starters while on your team.

5)      The starting goalie will obtain 2 points for a win and 3 extra points for a shut out (from NHL.com).

6)      Your back-ups do not earn points, but can be switched to a starter, for a change fee of $1.

7)      You may add to your back-up roster any undrafted players who are not on other participants’ starting or backup roster, for a transfer fee of $1.

8)      The entry fee for the pool is $20, plus $10 in pre-paid transfer and change fees.

9)      All transfer or change fees that are used will be added to the prize pool pot.

10)   All unused fees will be returned to the participants at the end of the pool.

11)   Participants need to provide their selected teams and fees at the Legends annual party, or by email with an electronic transfer of $30 to Al.Ozipko@rogers.com by end of day Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.

12)   Pool points will be retroactive to the beginning of the 2018-19 NHL season for the starting roster.

13)   If the prize pool reaches or exceeds $150, three places will be paid (first getting 50%, second getting 35%, third getting 15%).

14)   With a smaller prize pool, first will get 65% and second will get 35% of the prize pool.

15)   We will attempt to create a web-site for this pool that will at minimum provide a weekly status, or there will be weekly e-mail updates.

Roster Changes

1)      Roster changes may be requested any time and for any reason: injury, suspension, under-performance, traded to Toronto, etc.

2)      Roster changes will only be performed on Monday based on requests prior that Monday. As an example, if you request a change Monday morning, it will take affect the following Monday.

3)      All roster change requests must be sent by email to al.ozipko@rogers.com clearing stating in the Subject: “Legends Hockey Pool – Roster Change Request” with the following information:

a)      Indicate that you are adding a free agent to your backup roster:

  • (must not be on the roster of any other team)
  • (transfer fee $1) (you can carry more than 6 players on your backup roster).
  •  E-mail must also contain the name of the player, position and team.

b)      Indicate that you are switching one of your starters with a back-up:

  • (change fee $1)
  • E-mail must also contain the name of the starter you are replacing and the name of the backup replacing him which must play same position.

c)      Once you use up your $10 of pre-paid fees, you will not be able to make any more roster changes.

The Dirty Dozen that can’t be drafted.

Connor McDavid Alex Ovechkin Sidney Crosby
Nicklas Backstrom Brad Marchand Nikita Kucherov
Mark Scheifele Leon Draisaitl Brent Burns
Vladimir Tarasenko Auston Matthews Erik Karlsson

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